3 Important Takeaways from John Maxwell’s Attitude 101 Book

3 Important Takeaways from John Maxwell’s Attitude 101 Book

  1. You and Your Environment
    “What we become in five years will be as a result of what we read and who we associate with”In many cases, human beings tend to absorb their environment no matter how positive or negative or how rich or poor. What you hear or see repeatedly, will most likely become your reality. You should always surround yourself with like-minded people, or read content that stimulates your mind towards your goals and aspirations or watch video content that is pleasing to you and aligns with your values. To do this effectively, here are some tips:
    1. Stop hanging or spending time around people that add very little value to your life. This means you may have to fire some of your friends and family members. This is especially critical when you are an aspiring entrepreneur creating a product or service. Because entrepreneurship requires very high levels of focus, you must read, watch and hang around people that help you focus.
    2. Read self-help and business books to help you grow as a person, increase your self-confidence, and take action. Reading self-help books without applying the lessons learn becomes nothing more than an intellectual exercise.
  2. Be a lifelong leaner
    Whether you are 15 years old or 45, our attitudes are always under construction, it’s never too late to change”We should never think personal growth is a destination, instead we should treat it as a journey. Personal growth is something we should work at on a daily basis no matter how old or how successful you have become because everyone always has room to grow. Here are tips to help you continue to grow
    Be always open to feedback from people you interact with on a daily basis. This can be from your friends, family, teachers, coaches, spouse or even your children. Ask questions like; What am I doing now that if did more of would make be a better ………. fill in the blank (Father, Husband, Student, Boss, etc.)
    2. Find a mentor you can meet with on a regular basis. Ask us about our Mentorship Programs at The Disruptive Lab
  3. Belief in something greater than yourself
    “Faith is stronger than fear”

    If you are a person of FAITH, ALWAYS ask GOD for help. Life is not perfect and will always be filled with obstacles that you must overcome as you continue to grow. Having a good mental attitude about challenges and knowing they are there for a reason is critical to your success. There is a saying “When God wants to send you a gift, he warps it in a big problem”. Always believe that your GOD will NEVER put you through a test you cannot overcome. Be a believer, be steadfast with prayers and always ask him for help. Here are tips on becoming a better believer.Read your religious book on a regular basis, there are many answers to problems we face daily. If you can’t read, listen to scholars you share the same faith with, or seek guidance from an Imam, a Pastor, or a Rabbi.Don’t be a stranger to the house of God you go to worship and make your regular prayers on time.

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