About Tech4Good

Tech4Good, an event organized by ITC's Youth Empowerment Project in The Gambia, in partnership with Innovate Gambia as the implementation partner.

What better way to celebrate success within the community than to share and connect the parties involved? Recently, we had a great deal of success with the development community solving challenges by implementing solutions leveraging local tech companies within the ecosystem. For example, UNDP partnered with Gisqo to launch MyLumo, a commodities exchange platform that helps farmers reach customers more efficiently, through the JSF programme, UNCDF partnered with InSIST Global to develop and scale up Afrijula which is a business management and accounting platform, aimed at helping young entrepreneurs manage their businesses efficiently and gain access to finance, and finally, ITC partnered with Assutech to develop the yep.gm and tekifii.gm public facing websites.

Tech4Good aims to bring together the development community and startups in the tech ecosystem through a Reverse Pitching method. The event will be based on the demands of the development community, where development partners will seek to partner with local tech startups and companies to address their needs.

Through this event, we expect:

1. An opportunity to identify solutions for challenges within the development community
2. Opportunity to encourage innovation in The Gambia tech startup ecosystem
3. Create a bridge between local Gambian startups and potential business partners from the development community
4. Encourage the use of local content within international organizations
5. Showcase Gambia based technology companies

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Cloud | Mobile | Cyber Security | Business Intelligence | Data Analytics | Tech Education | FinTech | Digital Transformation

Event Agenda 10:00 - 14:30


Welcome + Opening Remarks

  • 10:00 am –10:15 am: Welcome + Opening Remarks Raimund Moser
  • 10:15 am –10:30 am: Success Stories Serign Omar Lowe
  • 10:30 am –11:30 pm Development Partners Introductions Zainab Ceesay
  • 11:30 am –12:30 pm: Technology Companies Introductions Zainab Ceesay
  • 12:30 pm –1:30 pm: Lunch
  • 1:30 pm –2:15 pm: Partners + Tech Companies Speed Networking
  • 2:15 pm –2:30 pm: Closing Remarks Zainab Ceesay


Serign Omar Lowe, Innovate Gambia

Director Of Learning + Development

Zainab Ceesay, Innovate Gambia

Communications + Marketing

Guest Speakers

Raimond Moser, YEP

ITC Representative

Mucktarr Darboe, MOHERST

Director of Science, Technology and Innovation

Featured Tech Companies

Eliman Jallow, Ping Money

Founder/CEO | Lead Technical Configuration Specialist

Hassan Jallow, Assutech


Dr. Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou, Insist Global


Olawale Fabiyi, Biiniibii

Founder/CEO | HackWeakEnd Creator

Kara Jagne, Gisqo


Ndey Astou Jaiteh, Tecqil

Founder and Talent Acquisition Specialist

Baboucarr Njie, Outboost


Ousman Faal, Skills.GM

Founder/CEO | Tutor

Featured Development Partners

UNDP Accelerator Labs

Acceleration | Experimentation

World Bank Group

Digital Economy 4 Africa


ICT Tech Team

International Trade Center

Digital Africa

Government of The Gambia


MicroFinance | Capital Development

EU in The Gambia

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